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CD, Earbook, Vinyl 2LP Black,  Vinyl 2LP Red
Album: Song Of The Wildlands
Artist: Clive Nolan



Progressive rock legend Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland) is back!

The new outing, entitled “Song of the Wildlands”, is based around one of the most important examples of Old English literature – the Anglo-Saxon poem ‘Beowulf’ which was written possibly around 1000 AD and is one of the oldest existing English poems. A suitable ‘Viking’ spirit is given to the musical material by adding more traditional instruments to the orchestral textures (keyharp, psalmodikon, lyre, etc.) as well as a much-extended percussion section. While presenting a classical structure with rock energy alongside the evocative infusion of more folk-influenced flavors, this album is Clive Nolan’s own and unique interpretation of what ‘Viking music’ could have been like.

On top of that, the album features a 200-voice choir singing in Anglo-Saxon (Old English), recorded all over the world during the lockdown in spring 2020. The initial idea was to see if such an experiment was even possible, but it soon turned into a huge international project and resulted in a powerful choral sound forming the backbone of the whole album.

The lyrics sung by the choir were translated into Old English by a historical consultant specializing in the culture of medieval England, Professor Christopher Monk.

Clive Nolan:
‘I believe that the artwork and presentation of this album are extremely important as well. I want this to be something people can immerse themselves in and to re-live this great story.’

"Song of the Wildlands" is released by Crime Records in collaboration with We Låve Rock Music. It is available on:
* a CD Earbook, a vinyl-size hardback book containing four discs: the album, a special instrumental version of the album, and a documentary on DVD and Blu-ray formats.
* 2-LP vinyl as a Limited Blood Red and regular black edition (both with a booklet)
* Digipak CD 




Side A:

1. The Story Begins

2. There's a Threat

3. Crossing the Ocean

4. Beowulf's Promise

5. Grendel Attacks

Side B:

6. Celebration

7. The Hag's Revenge

8. Journey

9. Underwater Cavern

10. Rewards

Side C:

11. Beowulf, the King

12. Dragon Fire

13. The Warrior Dies

14. Funeral Pyre

15. The Story Ends

Side D: Bonus material

1. The Narration performed by Ross Andrews.

2. Journey (special instrumental version)

3. Celebration (special instrumental version)


Clive Nolan "Song of the Wildlands" Line-up:

Orchestration, keyboards and programming - Clive Nolan

Nyckelharpa – Vicki Swan

Electric Guitar – Mark Westwood

Acoustic Guitar – Stig Andre Clason

Bass Guitar – Arnfinn Isaksen

Drums – Scott Higham

Extra Percussion – Geir Johansen

Lur – Birgitte Njå

Flute - Morten Clason

Narrator – Ross Andrews

Beowulf – Ryan Morgan

Tyra – Christina Booth

Solveig – Gemma Ashley

Freja – Natalie Barnett

Plainchant - Ensemble Anonym


Introducing the "Wildland Warriors Choir":

Alba González Cànovas
Amandine Duwooz
Andy Hogbin
Ben Bell
Brian de Graeve
Carmen Gloria Leiva
Caron Morgan
Claudio Momberg
Clive Nolan
Christine Piontek
Dave Rolland
Dean Marsh
Eddo de Leeuw
Elen Cath Hopen
Elisabeth Ellingsen
Emanuel Alvarez
Emily Morgan
Fredrik Klepper Eriksen
Gabriel Agudo
Hans Andreas Brandal
Hilde Eriksen Clason
Hilde Klepper Eriksen
Howard Alan Sinclair
Jan-Jaap de Haan
Loy Pescio
Magdalena Grabias
Marijke Groenendaal-van der Schaal
Marjolein de Graeve
Mark Spencer
Martin Hojman
Martin Nygren
Mirko Sangrigoli
Morten L. Clason
Nathalie Mees
Paige Morgan
Pama Vargas
Paola Granado
Ralph Tonge
Robbie Darin
Santiago Killing-Stringer
Stian Delbekk Johansen
Terje Craig
Tone Nyhuus
Tricia Ramage
Vincent Dortel


Crime Records and We Låve Rock Music


Clive Nolan – Song of the Wildlands

  • CD, Earbook, Vinyl 2LP Black and Vinyl 2LP Red 

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