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Vinyl 3LP Red
Album: Kings of Ransom
Artist: Clive Nolan



“King’s Ransom” is an original story by Clive Nolan, an acclaimed musician and composer known in the field of progressive rock for his work with bands like Arena, Shadowland and Pendragon. Now he has entered the world of musical theatre. Nolan is the author of “She” (2008) and “Alchemy” (2013). “King’s Ransom” is the third show by the composer and another adventure set in the “Alchemy” universe. The CD was released in September 2017. The theatre premiere took place on September 2nd, 2017 at the Cheltenham Playhouse, and was filmed with intention of the future DVD release.


Act 1:

1. Prologue (The World is a Different Place)
2. Overture
3. Interesting Times
4. Poison Runs the Course
5. Silent Army
6. Salvation Has a Name
7. The Deal is Made
8. Legend of the Unicorn Orchid
9. A Country on the Brink
10. Kindred Soul
11. Solitary Man
12. The Summoning
13. Death by Misadventure
14. A Fly in the Ointment
15. Silent Words
17. Eyes of the Basilisk

Act 2:

1. Interlude
2. Haunted
3. Nostalgia
4. In Harm’s Way
5. Tom Returns
6. In the Palm of my Hand
7. Letting my Demons Go
8. Stand Fast
9. Defiant
10. I Should Have Known
11. Hold On!
12. Serpent in the Grass
13. The Future Will be Ours
14. Turning the Tables
15. Dare to be Happy
16. Set for the Task
17. St. Paul’s
18. Epilogue (Stand Fast reprise)


Principal Singers:

Professor Samuel King – Clive Nolan
Eva Bonaduce – Gemma Ashley
William Gardelle – Guy Barnes
Dr. Josephine Kendrick – Verity White
Tom Worthy – Robbie Gardner
Colonel Luther Scovil – Chris Longman
Helena Blake – Christina Booth
Captain Fergus Maunder – Alan Reed
Edwin Deeks – Chris Lewis
Jacob Alderdyce – Ross Andrews
Martha Kitson – Joy-Amy Wigman
Paper Boy – Emily Frechter



Clive Nolan – keyboards and orchestrations
Mark Westwood - guitars
Scott Higham - drums
Kylan Amos - bass
Morten L. Clason - flute
Penny Gee – violin
Alaster Bentley - oboe



Ron Milsom
Magdalena Grabias
Christine Piontek
Jan-Jaap de Haan 
Vincent Dortel
Arnaud Nouard
Ross Andrews
Ian Baldwin
Caron Morgan
Natalie Barnett
Ethan Barnett
Ollie West
Colin Greene
Emily Frechter
Katie East
Gemma Ashley
Clive Nolan

Clive Nolan – Kings Ransom

  • Vinyl 3LP Red

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