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Digipack CD, Earbook
Album: The Rise Of Medici
Artist: Imaginærium



With this unique concept album, The Rise of Medici, Imaginaerium sets its rules in the prog-rock metal world through one of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici.


An epic symphonic renaissance-inspired Rock Opera featuring Clive Nolan (Arena & Pendragon), Eric Bouillette (Nine Skies, The Room), Andy Sears (ex Twelfth Night), and Laura Piazzai (Caamora).


With the pre-release selling out and garnering excellent reviews, The Rise of Medici has already been considered one of the best albums of 2022. 



1. Festina Lente 2:29
2. Duty of Love 4:45
3. House of Dreams 4:11
4. The Tide Will Change 5:08
5. Never Close Your Eyes 2:26
6. Glass Throne 4:40
7. Treachery 6:16
8. Fall From Grace 2:55
9. Will I Never Return? 5:23
10. Fortunes Reverse 6:10
11. Return of Medici 5:19
12. Legacy 4:37


Imaginærium – The Rise Of Medici

  • CD Digipack, Earbook

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