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We Låve Rock Festival 2019

The festival artists

Mark Wilkinson

Linda Østhagen & Kaya Eidtang

The bands that rocked 2019


Threshold formed in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, England in 1988. The band has released ten studio albums alongside numerous live albums and compilations. They are currently signed to Nuclear Blast Records. They are best known for songs such as Mission Profile, Slipstream (featuring Dan Swanö) and Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams, which has over a quarter of a million video views and was featured on the movie soundtrack of In The Name Of The King.


WOBBLER is by many considered to be Norway's leading symphonic progressive rock band, and have released 4 albums of symphonic prog with a distinct vintage vibe, since they were formed in the small Norwegian town of Hønefoss in 1999. They are known for their love for analog equipment and the overall estethics of the 60's and 70's.

Formed in 2001, The Windmill is a Norwegian prog rock band, known for symphonic NEO-prog. Released two albums; To be continued … (2010) and The Continuation (2013). Both highly acclaimed worldwide. Played two times at Cambridge Rock Festival (UK) – 2014 and 2016. Backing band for Caamora Norway's production of Clive Nolan's musical Alchemy spring 2017. Currently in studio working on album # 3, working title The T(h)ree.

Pymlico logo.jpeg

Pymlico is an instrumental band from Oslo, Norway, led by songwriter and drummer Arild Brøter.

The band was started as Arild's solo project in 2009. This resulted in three album releases; Inspirations (2011), Directions (2012), and Guiding Light (2014). The albums were produced with a variety of guest musicians and received positive attention and reviews in the international progressive rock community. With an increasing desire to perform the music live, Arild put together a smaller band to do concerts – and this developed into the actual band Pymlico. The band released the EP "Studio Live" in 2015 and the album "Meeting Point" in 2016.


Inspired by the boundlessness of the 1970s, the Hedmark band MEER creates orchestral progpop that covers a wide range and crosses many genres. With eight musicians – including violin, cello, and a vocalist sibling front – it's safe to say that a MEER concert is a truly unique experience. MEER is a daring live band with powerful energy and a unique sound, with concert experience ranging from cramped clubs to large theater stages.


During the period 1976-1977, Saluki played concerts at festivals and clubs and toured extensively in Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

At the time, Saluki was described as a catchy melodic band, with driving rhythms, multi-voiced singing, and skilled instrumental playing. Saluki released their first album, "Saluki," on March 30, 1977.


When Cyan composer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed released double album “Revolutions” in 2001 under the banner “Magenta” little did he realise that he had started something that would take on a life of its own. Compared favourably to the artists that had inspired it, like Yes and Genesis, the success of their debut brought public demand for live shows, and so a live band was formed around Rob on keyboards, vocalist Christina Booth and guitarist Chris Fry, leading to a triumphant appearance at the 2003 Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali, Mexico.


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