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We Låve Rock Festival 2018

The festival artist




The bands that rocked 2018


Following the release of the highly expected album "TORN APART", featuring special guest Steve Hackett (genesis), Franck Carducci sets up a new tour entitled "Tearing the Tour Apart" in order to promote this new opus.With his band, he puts on a trip through time and erasDive down into it, let yourself go, you're off for a journey in an enchanting and eerie musical universe. A place where dreams are kings and emotions are queens!


In 2013, Trude Eidtang, former vocalist of the renowned Norwegian art rock band White Willow, released the first album from her project WHEN MARY. «7summers7winters» received great reviews in Norway, across Europe and in the US. The release was followed by two years of extensive touring, and various collaborations with diverse visual and conceptual artists. Musically WHEN MARY mixes art pop and trip hop with elements of symphonic rock, and find inspiration in conceptual artists like Kate Bush, Björk, Peter Gabriel

and Laurie Anderson. Thematically the band cultivates a fascination for the disturbing and unseen, commenting on issues like prejudice, injustice and deception.


ProgAtom is a band with members Åsmund Mjelva, Arild Sveum, Mattis Sørum, Simen Motrøen og Tore Christer Storlid. ProgAtom released their first album Saggitarius A in 2015. The album received good reviews from the musical press in Norway and foreign countries. Saggitarius A is an conceptalbum with symphonic progrock and norwegian lyrics.

Formed in 2001, The Windmill is a Norwegian prog rock band, known for symphonic NEO-prog. Released two albums; To be continued … (2010) and The Continuation (2013). Both highly acclaimed worldwide. Played two times at Cambridge Rock Festival (UK) – 2014 and 2016. Backing band for Caamora Norway's production of Clive Nolan's musical Alchemy spring 2017. Currently in studio working on album # 3, working title The T(h)ree.


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